Splace is the title of a group of works consisting of a video, an exhibition, an edition (all 1996), a publication (1997) and drawings (1999–ongoing). The central work and the starting point was the video study on urban conditions in Tokyo. “Thereby the 'city' is understood as a structure of different substances of place and space: physical, electronic and mental spaces create dynamic conglomerates, which lead to a new concept of the urban." (Karl-Heinz Klopf, Environments, Vienna: Triton Verlag, 1999).

SPLACE, 1996, video

S-VHS digitized, sound, 63 min

In the video study Splace architects, city planners and other city inhabitants tell about different conditions and situations in the endless space of Tokyo. Individual spatial experiences are juxtaposed with the presence of built environments. Movement, architecture, media, language and city sound form overlapping and dialogical spaces.

Transcript from the video Splace (.pdf)

SPLACE, 1996, exhibition

Galerie Stadtpark Krems, September 18 – October 19, 1996
Installation: Video, 2 Monitors, bean bag, acrylic paint on tarpaulin (curtain), acrylic paint on glass, drawings from the series Streets.

The Galerie Stadtpark presented a comprehensive selection of the results of the multi-layered research project on spaces in Tokyo. The city, "imported" in the form of various media (drawings, in situ installation, video, object), was fused with the existing structures of the exhibition venue. The video Splace (1996) ran synchronously on two monitors positioned immediately behind the glass façade so that the video could be seen and heard simultaneously from the inside and outside. In the center of the exhibition space a 'sacco', an anatomic, changeable sitting element, was available for the visitors to use. Parallel to the glass façade there was a 'soft wall' of white tarpaulin as a spatial partition that made it possible to change the views out and in. On the entrance door there was a map-like diagram representing the streets surrounding the Galerie Stadtpark. In addition to this, a series of drawings based on concrete orientation maps of Tokyo was displayed.


SPLACE, 1996, edition

Hand-crafted box, 38.5 x 29.5 x 2.5 cm, edition: 30 copies, signed, contains one signed photograph (a still image from the video Splace), one page with the complete transcribed text from the film, nine pages with drawings of orientation plans from Tokyo, edited by Galerie Stadtpark Krems, 1996.

SPLACE, 1997, publication

Offset print, soft cover, 32 pages, 21 x 15.8 x 0.3 cm

The publication Splace is the transcription of the video of the same name in printed form. The texts follow the video in regard to both order and the original languages (Japanese, German, English).

Transcript from the video Splace (.pdf)

SPLACE, 1999–2014, drawings


Digital, sound, 1:38 min

This animation was created on the occasion of an invitation for the first edition of the digital art magazine Splace published by the Art University Linz.

Karl-Heinz Klopf © 1996–2014

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